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Sorry...Off Topic Again.
Sorry...Off Topic.
We recently ordered a neck pillow from TEMU post free which arrived today, quality is very good.
Prices lower than if purchased locally.
Did not know when we ordered that it was coming by air from China.
It took 5 days from China to UK which is quicker than the Royal Mail orders placed here in the UK !!!!
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I really appreciate off topic articles, and yours in particular.
Many of my articles are off topic, because I have many other interests than music, and expect this to apply to more people than myself.

Your experience that you mention here fits well with my own - I have bought a considerable amount of different goods from China in the last year.
Most of it has been free of charge, and much of it has been sent as quickly as with Norwegian post, but with significantly better tracking service along the way.
The product information is generally infinitely better than in Norway.

Most of it has had a higher quality than the equivalent from Norway, and several products are state of the art.
Many larger businesses in Norway import their products from Hong Kong, which has been notorious for its low quality, but today there are many very serious manufacturers there.

Incidentally, China is much more than Hong Kong, and most of our high-quality products come from there, even if they have a well-known European brand name.
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