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Having any isuues
Is anyone having any issues that need answering, or tuition to how too ? Don`t forget like anything if your new to a keyboard, or piece of equipment even though it might seem trivial we are hear to help, lets get some discussion going,
Successes ,Failures, Trouble using YEM creating styles anything you want  their is a wealth of knowledge hear to heSo some one will no the answer 

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There is no save button in the YEM. 
In case of restoration or transfer to another computer, copy the folder “Expansion Manager” from 
C: \ Users \ <yourusername> \ AppData \ Local \ Yamaha \
and save it in a convenient location.
Of course, the packing files (.ppf / .cpf) should also be copied and thus backed up.
I also recommend that you take a screenshot of the current Bank Select LSB window in YEM and save this graphic file to an external drive along with your pack files. This information (LSB numbers of the installed packs) is important if individual packs are to be imported back into YEM in the future.
If you have a Deebach BlackBox, remember to move the individual packs exactly into the MSB / LSB banks specified by Deebach, otherwise the box will not find them and no sound will be heard.
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