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Ain´t Worry Pop & Dancing Arms SE (Real Ambience Drums & Perc)
Ain´t Worry Pop & Dancing Arms (Special Edit)

This is something I've never tried before - I've copied everything from Dancing Arms to Ain't Worry Pop, resulting in all effects from Ain't Worry Pop replacing the original ones in Dancing Arms.

Chord sequences are also switched, so I play the two styles in different original keys.

It takes little to create a different style.


.mp3   Dancing Arms original.mp3 (Size: 3.66 MB / Downloads: 1)

.mp3   Ain´t Worry Pop & Dancing Arms SE.mp3 (Size: 3.67 MB / Downloads: 4)

Attached Files
.stg   Ain´t Worry Pop & Dancing Arms SE Real Ambience.stg (Size: 328.98 KB / Downloads: 3)
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