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new forum Member
Hi all,

My name is Chris, I have been married to Jan for 43 years (I'm a friend of Graham who is also a Forum Member).

I live in London (a small place in the South of England), and I'll be 67 in a few weeks. I'm enjoying retirement after many years working as a Brewery Drayman (delivering kegs of Beer). As a result, I have fingers like sausages and it sounds like it when I am playing keyboards !!

I have had many keyboards and organs over the years, I cannot remember them all but here is a selection. Yamaha HX1, Technics U90, GA3, EX70, U60. Hohner D86, Roland AT80S, VA7, RD2000, Yamaha Tyros 2, Tyros 5, PSR-S600, DGX660 Korg PA2X, PA600, PA900, T1.

I currently live in a house that I built myself (with the assistance of various tradespeople) and have a very small room (in an outhouse) for keeping my current set of keyboards. These consist of a Viscount Legend Live organ with Roland PK5 bass pedals. A Korg PA4X arranger sits on top of this. I use the Korg PAAS speaker system, a Cambridge Audio CX-A60 amplifier and Q.Acoustic Concept 20 speakers with a small sub for power. Just to the side of this I have a Korg Nautilus 88 with a set of Adams T8V powered monitors. I also have a laptop with Kontakt and various piano VST's. and the Korg PA Manager software. The small room was treated with acoustic foam panels. Pictures attached.

My other hobbies are football (I am a lifelong Season-ticket holder at Stamford Bridge, home of Chelsea F.C.) and
I'm also interested in hi-fi. I have a system with a Yamaha TA-A1ES amplifier, Marantz CD6006UK CD player, a Chord 2Qute DAC and a pair of Dynaudio Special 40 speakers on Dynaudio stands.

I'm looking forward to speaking with Forum Members.


p.s. I'm not a particularly accomplished player (actually quite poor) but I get a huge satisfaction out of musical keyboards. I would much rather spend an hour on the keyboards than watch a soap opera on the TV.

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First and foremost I'm glad that you find interest in being here with us and that being a friend of Graham is an asset in itself.

Many thanks for your immediate and thorough introduction - it is always interesting to know a little about members' backgrounds and interests.

Your combined interest in keyboards and HiFi is especially welcome, as this is an area that few share to the extent that me and Graham.

If you have topics you want to write about, you are most welcome to do so to the extent you wish.

Kind regards,

Shared knowledge provides increased knowledge

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Welcome aboard, nice setup
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