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Groove 02 (OASYS)
Groove 02


69 combis created by Matthiola

Tweaking and fine tuning combis is an ongoing process. Since the release of the first "Groove01" set we spent many hours improving these combis, fixing imperfections along the way. Now, all combis have been reworked, some beyond recognition. The combi set uses all EXis and EXs data, including LAC-1 programs. You need to load EXs1 and EXs2.

This version replaces the old PCG file.

In this new collection you'll find a lot of jazzy, soul groove style bass splits. You'll hear lots of funky stage pianos, screaming organs, vintage FX and deep bass spiced with mostly 'natural' drum grooves. These combis were designed for practising left hand bass and of course for inspiration and fun! Most combis are Karmafied, though generally pretty basic. Most of the time there's only one GE groove running. The more comprehensive stuff is usually derived from a factory preset. In case a combi is close to a factory preset, we preserved the filename, just adding a "2" in the name.

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*Casio CTK 811-ex *Roland EXR-7 76 *Yamaha DGX-620 *Yamaha PSR-550 *Yamaha PSR-S700 *Korg Pa800 *Yamaha Tyros1 *Korg Pa3X 61 *Casio WK-7500 *Yamaha Tyros5 61 *Ketron Audya5 61 *Yamaha PSR S950 *Solton X8 Chromatic *Yamaha Tyros4 10th Anniversary *Korg Pa4X 61 *Roland BK-7m 
*Technics KN-6000 *Technics KN-7000 *Roli Seaboard RISE 49 *Deebach MAX Plus *Yamaha Genos *Korg Pa700 *Korg Kronos2 73 *Tyros4 61 *Ketron Audya 76 *Deebach BlackBox *Korg Pa2X Pro *Yamaha A3000 *Medeli AKX10 *Korg Nautilus 73 *Yamaha DGX-670 *Korg Krome EX-88 *Korg OASYS 76 
*Korg BugMaster 76

*Aune S6 32 bit DAC *MOTU 32 bit Audio Interface *Yaqin Tube Amplifier *XTZ Integrated Amplifier *Tandberg 3002/3003 Amplifier Kit *Cambridge Pre Amplifier *Denon MD player *STAX SR-L300 (Lambda) electrostatic headphones with STAX SRM-252S Amplifier *beyerdynamic T70 headphones (without pads) *Horn speaker system with Seas & Fountek units *Hexagonal subwoofer with Seas units and built-in XTZ power amplifiers & DynaVoice Challenger Integrated Amplifier as Pre Amplifier
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