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Rules & Guidelines
Chellos Keyboard Players Club "Rules & Guidelines"
These rules are in place to ensure this forum remains a nice friendly place to visit at all times.

New Members
It is a requirement of your membership that you as soon as possible introduce yourself to the membership in the Introductions board that is found towards the top of the forum.

As this is an English forum, members are reminded only to post in English, or at least offer a translation. Google Translate can be used for this.

Members are expected to be courteous at all times, you are free to debate subjects, however this must be done in a friendly respectful manner.
Any personal attacks towards any member or staff will not be tolerated, and will result in your eviction from this forum.

Threads, posts and reply`s can only be deleted if they violate our rules or are not related to the relevant thread. 
Constructive criticism must and should be tolerated.
The best part is always to explain and clarify your opinion - members must be allowed to have different points of view.

You are also expected to write some words to the person who uploaded the files if you download any.
It should be avoided to use only smileys in the reply`s so as to quickly obtain a high number of posts.
Those that do not follow this etiquette on a regular basis will be denied access to the files.

The Use of VPN to hide your ID upon registration is not allowed and will be rejected.
Likewise - all use of VPN within the forum is to be considered as a basis for mistrust and may result in exclusion.

Asking for Help
Please do not PM (Private Message) the staff for answers to your questions, post your question in the forum so every member can benefit from the solution.

Member Groups
Member groups in this forum are post count based, you will start off as a “New Member” if you have zero posts, as your post count increases your member group will be automatically upgraded to the next level.
New Members have limited access to downloadable files until they have made enough posts. Once they reach the next level they will be able to download more files. The more you post the more you can download.
Be active!

The groups are as follows:

New Membership
SUPPORTER Membership

New Membership automatically assigns new members, giving a limited access to viewing content, and downloading is limited to certain areas.

SUPPORTER Membership can only be obtained with purchase.
Provides full access to all files in all areas.
Can be purchased for £ 25.

Downloaded Files
Downloaded files should not be redistributed to other persons or forums:
Sharing files with others inside (members with lower status than the file requires) or outside this forum is not allowed, because such activities undermine our work and future.

If your only intention is to try and spam this forum you will be given a free gift from the Admin, "A Permanent Ban". 
Spammers are not welcome in this forum ever !

It is important that you update your profile, such as what keyboard(s) you use.
This saves staff and members unnecessary work trying to figure this out and makes it easier for everyone to help each other.

According to new GDPR privacy policy, you are given the opportunity to delete your account with us, along with all personal information.

Notify the administration ( and this will be done.

SSL Secure Connection guarantees that your personal information stays safe with us.
Shared knowledge provides increased knowledge

*Casio CTK 811-ex *Roland EXR-7 76 *Yamaha DGX-620 *Yamaha PSR-550 *Yamaha PSR-S700 *Korg Pa800 *Yamaha Tyros1 *Korg Pa3X 61 *Casio WK-7500 *Yamaha Tyros5 61 *Ketron Audya5 61 *Yamaha PSR S950 *Solton X8 Chromatic *Yamaha Tyros4 10th Anniversary *Korg Pa4X 61 *Roland BK-7m 
*Technics KN-6000 *Technics KN-7000 *Roli Seaboard RISE 49 *Deebach MAX Plus *Yamaha Genos *Korg Pa700 *Korg Kronos2 73 *Tyros4 61 *Ketron Audya 76 *Deebach BlackBox *Korg Pa2X Pro *Yamaha A3000 *Medeli AKX10 *Korg Nautilus 73 *Yamaha DGX-670 *Korg Krome EX-88 *Korg OASYS 76 
*Korg BugMaster 76

*Aune S6 32 bit DAC *MOTU 32 bit Audio Interface *Yaqin Tube Amplifier *XTZ Integrated Amplifier *Tandberg 3002/3003 Amplifier Kit *Cambridge Pre Amplifier *Denon MD player *STAX SR-L300 (Lambda) electrostatic headphones with STAX SRM-252S Amplifier *beyerdynamic T70 headphones (without pads) *Horn speaker system with Seas & Fountek units *Hexagonal subwoofer with Seas units and built-in XTZ power amplifiers & DynaVoice Challenger Integrated Amplifier as Pre Amplifier
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