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DGX670 after 18 months ownership
DGX670 after 18 months ownership playing as an arranger.
Firstly lowish retail price this DGX should not sound as good as it does.
Selection of available Piano samples are excellent and I find myself playing more Piano OTS's.
The weighted Key-Bed for me is a joy to play.
A few tweaks with the EQ & Compression & DSP my DGX sounds vibrant.
The MENU is a frustration with a lot of button pushing but over time I have become accustomed to how to get around this Menu system.

There are no dedicated OTS buttons, but styles alone can be edited and re-saved as USER Style.
Styles needing OTS changes have to be saved in Registrations (RGT's).
Favorite Voices can be saved in RGT's with style unticked so these Voice favorites can be used with any style selected and works well.
Early Tyros 1 styles & OTS's play well balanced.

The Construction I found is very good and its design is neat looking.

Output sound would be improved with a pair of powered speakers.
My preference I always use good quality headphones.
Overall excellent value for the money.
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Excellent review - everyone should try to write about their own experiences.
I absolutely agree with your assessment.


By the way, I think that DGX's pianos are better than Pa5X's.
It also has one of the best keybeds on the market at any price.
For the price, the DGX is probably the best on the market, and can compete with the best regardless of price.
Well done, Yamaha.

Imagine if Yamaha had made a deluxe version of the DGX?
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